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Running XP and it worked fine!!!!

Here's what I did.  I  opened the program and it said a new version was available.  Than I got out of Avast:

1.) I than created a System Restore Point, naming it "Before Avast Update."

2.) I turned off all the Behavior Shields Right-Click Avast Ball/Avast Shield Control/ Selected "Disable until System Restart."

3.) Closed the warning balloon that poped up from the Windows Security Center that my AV was disabled.

4.) Opened Avast 5 and clicked "Update program."   Download went fast.

5.) BUT instead of answering "Yes" to "Avast needs to restart your computer, do you want to do it now?"  I said "no" to get out of the program first, waited 30 seconds and than rebooted.

Hint:  Before you update the program from within version 5.  Disable the system shields.  The shields might have been the conflict with the new version for some users.


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Re: Update to General Release 5.0.396 And All Future Releases (Hints)
« Reply #1 on: January 29, 2010, 07:44:57 PM »
Here's what I did:

Opened UI, Maintenance, Update and clicked Update Program.
Update completed, selected No to reboot as I was on-line browsing the forums.
Disconnected and restarted my computer, no problems.

Whilst it may well be worthwhile to create a Restore Point (I don't use system restore, but hard disk imaging), since I didn't have any issue with the 5.0.377 install over 4.8 I didn't feel the need to take special measures.
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