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Re: Avast and Orbit Downloader integration
« Reply #15 on: August 08, 2010, 06:44:16 PM »
I have suspicions about Orbit Downloader. I had played World of Warcraft for over 4 years with no problems and shortly after installing Orbit, my account got stolen and all my ingame items were sold off for virtual gold. I did eventually get everything back after a week and have since added an authenticator to the account but I still suspect Orbit of being a factor. I was using the full package of Comodo Internet Security at the time of the hack and got no alerts and I also never found any malware on the system by scanning with MBAM, SAS, Comodo's AV and since then Avast! How they got me is still a mystery.

You never get any alerts about Orbit, which is in the Comodo's "Trusted Application" list. But maybe you can see some suspicious connection from Orbit when you set comodo's firewall setting "Custom Policy Mode" and delete related settings.

FlashGet, which has a suspicion for spyware / adware, is also trusted by Comodo. Since I notice this I cannot trust that list anymore and change firewall settings to "Custom Policy Mode" and make Comodo alert all requests.
I do use the Trusted list and have always stated in Comodo forums that it needs to be much larger. I wasn't talking about alerts for Orbit. I meant alerts for however it was that my WoW account got hacked into. There was never any alert for any suspicious activity. At that time I was still using the HIPS of Comodo which I no longer do.

On Wikipedia they state how Orbit has a phone home component that loads at startup. They also offer a password storing program which further makes me suspicious. Maybe Orbit collects data on your system including passwords? I of course have no proof for this but it was strange how I went 4 years with no problem and then got hacked within a couple of days after installing Orbit. I don't and won't use it any more.


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Re: Avast and Orbit Downloader integration
« Reply #16 on: August 08, 2010, 09:09:19 PM »
I dropped Orbit Downloader not for any suspicious activity (never found any), but for its becoming a pain in the a** after an update changed how it functioned.

I like to just right click on a link and select download with orbit (as it had done previously), but after an update that sent me to the Orbit home page rather than start downloading the file at the other end of the link.

As far as integration with avast and the ashQuick.exe scan that worked just fine.

I'm still using Orbit 2.8.20 for similar reasons. You can get any of the old versions from Be sure to untick Check for update automatically in the general preferences.