Author Topic: Severe DPC latency problems (avast free 5.0.462/5.0.418)  (Read 15104 times)

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Re: Severe DPC latency problems (avast free 5.0.462/5.0.418)
« Reply #30 on: March 26, 2010, 03:37:10 AM »
Now to DPC latency
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Re: Severe DPC latency problems (avast free 5.0.462/5.0.418)
« Reply #31 on: March 26, 2010, 08:43:29 AM »
Vladimyr, you are right.
I did loose my temper about this pain-in-the-ass user Cako. It was explained to him a thousand times by many knowledgeable people here that it is not a general problem, and evidence has been brought forward to him.
You try again now, and I promise you, you will fail as well.
He demands that avast is custom-build to the purposes of his own specific configuration - that is rediculous.

I will not comment any of his valuable postings any more, but remember my words: you will fail also in trying to help him.
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Re: Severe DPC latency problems (avast free 5.0.462/5.0.418)
« Reply #32 on: March 26, 2010, 11:41:13 AM »
The fact that a problem does not apply to 100% of users of a system does not mean that it is not a general problem. I don't know what percentage of users are affected. Given that prior to v5 Avast was probably the mostest of the mostest, so to speak, of value for money AV shields out there I was reluctant finally to have to uninstall Avast, though I would have been happy to go back to 4.8 and sit it out until 5.1.* ;)

In the absence of a 4.8 installer on the site (for some reason I didn't think to google it or check out FileHippo) I switched, reluctantly, to another and so can't test the DPC theory to see if it applies to me. I can say that without v5 latency is very low i.e. no problem. But I do think that mut@nt and cako might have been onto something and their enthusiasm to get it across is possibly a measure of their devotion to avast in that they want to see something fixed that renders avast unusable for them now.

From what was described of the symptoms it explains why I was able to download updates no problem in the immediate period after a reboot, but after many hours the update process became slower until it couldn't get beyond initialization. This latency theory fits that. And the common denominator in all my other testing is 5.0.462 (I may have assumed wrongly that it applies to all v5 but if cako and mut@nt have observed correctly it might be more specific). I can't test it now without hassle and even then it would not be 'proof'. But heck lots of good marriages have been built on a lot less evidence....

Maybe folk who are having problems with v5 and feel they are not getting any joy from folks for whom luckily for them its working fine should check out FileHippo and get 4.8 again.

As far as the evidence goes some folks are lucky and its working but that doesn't mean there aren't who all of a sudden find, only after upgrading, that they have problems they never had before. Sure they are frustrated as they don't want to leave an avast they have grown to know and love for many years even if they are not evangels. Breaking up is all so very hard to do....   :'(

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Severe DPC latency problems+ audio pops (avast "Internet Security" 2014)
« Reply #33 on: December 06, 2013, 05:57:37 PM »
I know this thread is old, but I want to help other people with Avast/audio/DPC latency issues. Plus, Mut@nt's observed behavior, especially the DPC latency monitor captures, are identical to mine: green on restart (especially using the ipreset.bat tool), then some yellows, a red or two, then all reds/yellows or greens mixed with reds through the roof, all over the course of hours or days. So I'm replying to it rather than starting my own thread. I want to present a solution rather than an issue, anyway.

I had serious audio pops, which were the symptom I was trying to stop. The problem started around September 2013, when I upgraded from Avast IS 2013 to IS 2014. Every other thread I found by searching on audio+DPC+latency either found other hardware/software-specific issues (USB, graphics, net adapter) or failed to solve the problem at all. After applying a half-dozen partial fixes and optimizing my network to perfection, I decided that tcpip.sys was the worst offender and demanded my full focus. Eventually I was led to also search for "ping spikes," ran a continuous ping and observed that ping spikes corresponded with major latency spikes, and then read that antivirus port scan detection could cause these spikes. I turned off Avast and got the same results as Mut@nt.

Turning off Avast, specifically the Avast firewall, specifically "enable port scan detection," stopped this behavior utterly. I tried this only after testing everything else: power management, IRQ conflicts, USB net adapter disabling, disabling unneeded drivers, preemptively disabling PowerMizer, running TCPOptimizer, and so on. However, I'm not saying this is a general Avast issue---it is very likely that it's some other hard/soft combination that responds badly to the Avast ndis filter scan. It may be that a PCIe card would solve the problem for good, and it may not.

One feature of my network setup is that I'm using a Verizon router as a bridge to a Dlink DIR-645, which becomes the network's wireless access point. It's possible this messes up what Avast does.

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