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Zeus botnet providers' escape....
« on: April 06, 2010, 08:08:09 PM »
Hi malware fighters,

Zeus CC servers are escaping to so-called FastFlux botnet, because bulletproof Zeus botnet providers like recently Trojac are being closed down, criminal ISPs are checked by their upstream providers so the going gets narrow. For Zeus bot activity see:
Take one at a once particular Zeus  IP:
•Computer Threats:       1.
General Info
•Identity Threats:       0
•Annoyance factors:      0

Total threats on this site:    1

Web Site Location     China
Threat Report

Total threats found: 1

Small-whitebg-red    Virus

Threats found: 1
Here is a complete list:
Threat Name:    Packed.Generic.292
Location:    Location:      hxtp:// (not actual - domain suspended)

Here apparently nothing found:
because domain was suspended:

Recent listing( for home users):


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