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Two questions about pro v suite
« on: April 11, 2010, 09:33:45 AM »
I already have Pro, and it has nearly 2 years of license to run.

Possibly not the right place to ask these questions, but no harm trying:

Q1: If I wanted to buy Suite, is there any way to get some credit against the license cost for the remaining time on the Pro license (which i would be willing to surrender)?  No mention of this possibility on the home page so I am expecting not.

Q2: Am I already protected against the exploits for which Suite provides added protection over Pro, given that I also have Lavasoft's Pro version of Ad-aware?

If I am already protected by Ad-aware I might be inclined to swap to Suite, provided I don't have to pay full whack (per Q1), simply because I get the impression product integration may be better, and having several suppliers provide different security protection tends to gum up the works.  Of course it is possible that one product is significantly better at the job than the other, which would be the overriding factor.
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