Author Topic: .462 will not update definitions! I don't want the new build right this moment.  (Read 3217 times)

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Why can't I get virus definitions for .462?  I have been away so I have not had Vista running for a week or so. I started it just now and Avast won't update the definitions. I don't want to install the latest build right this minute! I want to update the build I have. Why can't I do that?


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After trying repeatedly, Avast says I am already up to date in the definitions and says I have ones from April 17. But then I check the main page and it says the definitions are from April 9. So, which is correct?

Just now, I tried again and was told I already have the latest definitions but now I get a message that i have to reboot to finalize the definitions? WHY? I should not need to reboot just to get definitions!!!  I am not rebooting. If Avast wants a reboot on definition updates then I may use some other AV. I HATE rebooting.  And I hate being told to upgrade to the latest version when I don't want to upgrade!

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Relax my friend. Deep breaths... in, out, in out...

Having just upgraded from 5.0.462 to 5.0.507 on a Vista machine that hasn't run for a week or two, rebooted and come across your posts, what can I say? Sometimes the answer is in the question.

I strongly suspect that the reason the definition version that appears on the main page is not the latest is because a reboot is required in order for the updated definitions to be applied.

I hate rebooting too. I'd much rather weaken the malware defense provided by the security software on my PC, than follow the clear but obviously unnecessary prompts to reboot on the rare occasion one is required, purely to satisfy the needs of control-freak program developers.

PS. Please ignore this if you were just pulling our legs. ;)

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It doesn't matter if I reboot or not. I still cannot get a definitions update on .462.

I don't need an antivirus program on a virtual machine...especially one that uses Undo Disks.  I'm using Avast on this computer because I like Avast and wanted to see how well it runs. I wouldn't dare put it on my Host machine (XP Pro) simply because that is a 4 year old machine that doesn't need to be upset with a new AV. So, I put it on this virtual machine.

There appears to be a problem with the GUI...a conflict of some sort. If I click on Update on the Current Status page, I get an update BUT then after the update, the Current Status page says I have not gotten an update since April 9.  If I then click on Update again, I am told I am up to date as of April 19.  I never see (since April 9) the Avast slide up that announces that there has been an update.

I don't like programs that tell you there is a new version and then don't shut up about it. If I want to use a particular version of a program then I do not want to bugged constantly about a newer version. Tell me once and then shut up is how I see it.  

I can't upload two attachments to show what I am saying as they are over the small allowance here. Plus, I couldn't figure out how to delete them so I could at least post without them. I had start all over. The GUI is fancy and I guess that is why the one of the GUI showing definitions are outdated AFTER I updated them was 172kb in size and the other was 114kb. Maybe Vista also as it is such a crappy OS.

Oh, and I tried a repair of Avast and Vista said it is NOT compatible with Vista! It was compatible until a few days ago...geez.

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Oh good gracious. You're using an AV in a virtual box on top of an AV on the host machine......why? Just upgrade the host machine to v.5 (it works perfectly on XP, even on most machines 8-10 years old) and be happy. You've created a VERY awkward situation for your machine. I suggest undoing it.


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You appear to need to learn about virtual machines. They are full OSes and operate ENTIRELY SEPARATE FROM THE HOST COMPUTER except for using the Host's CPU, and internet connection, usually bridged. How you think an antivirus application on the host would protect the guest puzzles me because that cannot happen. The guest machine does not know it is on a host machine. It is a computer unto itself and needs ALL PROTECTION THAT WOULD BE AFFORDED ANY COMPUTER based on the user's habits and whether or not they practice safe hex and use the Proxomitron, etc.  I've been using virtual machines for over six years so I am not some dumb newbie that knows nothing about them.  Virtual machines are good for testing software and for working with malware because they are SEPARATE MACHINES so the malware, or problems with beta software, affect only the guest not the host. 

A fair amount of malware written today refuses to run on a virtual machine, or runs, but doesn't drop its payload...instead runs as normal software that has nothing malicious about it. Malware writers know that many malware fighters download malware to virtual machines rather than physical machines so they have combated this by making their malware virtual machine aware and it will not run on a virtual machine like it will on a physical machine. So, malware fighters test software on a virtual machine and it tests clean. They then tell others it is ok software. Others then download and run it on physical machines and Bam! they get infected. I just ran across some malware like this...written to recognize when it is downloaded to a virtual machine and to behave itself and not drop its malicious payload on a virtual machine. I demonstrated it and is bad that the malware writers are doing this now. Anyhow, virtual machines need antivirus and other security protection assuming you are a user prone to getting viruses. Surely you would not tell me I don't need a firewall on a virtual machine because there is one on my host machine! Geez.... ::)


I am not about to put Avast, or any other AV, on my Host computer. I will use Avira version 8 for as long as possible on it. (Ver 10 is junk and 9 is so-so...8 is excellent).  I have ProcessGuard on the host computer (full version) so I don't need antivirus but I use it some of the time. I have NEVER been infected in over 12 years of having a computer and have gone long periods with no AV but I have always, since I got XP, had ProcessGuard. I use Online Armor Classic HIPS on this Vista Ultimate virtual machine, along with Avast, but again I don't really need Avast. I have a classic HIPS and that is all that is really needed on any machine (along with the Proxomitron of course. I would not surf the net on any computer where I was not using the Proxomitron).

This Vista virtual machine doesn't need any security protection because it is running on Microsoft VPC 2007 SP1 and I use Undo disks as VPC has no snapshot ability like VMWare Workstation 7, that runs three virtual machines, and VirtualBox that runs 1 virtual machine. So, undo disks is the substitute for lack of snapshot ability and "undo disks" means that when I go to shut down this vista machine, I am asked if I want to save the changes to disk since the last shutdown or if I want to delete them. It is actually a pretty neat feature and, if I encountered a nasty since the last shut down, to get rid of it easily all I have to do is delete all changes to disk since the last shut down when I shut down this time. That puts this machine back to the way it was prior to this boot and shutdown. It is like using Sandboxie. So, I don't need Avast or OA on a virtual machine running on MS VPC 2007. I use them because I like to test software.

Anyhow, finally tonight, when I tried for the fifth time to get Avast to update it did so and THIS time it corrected the GUI and now says it is up to date. :)  I don't know if it will do an automatic update next time or not but probably it will do automatic update now that it finally fixed itself.