Author Topic: Avast IS5 firewall is blocking ftp upload connection from FrontPage 2003  (Read 4260 times)

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I had no problem with Avast Pro, using frontpage ftp to upload web pages.  but IS5 will not allow it unless i disable the firewall.  HELP.  i have already set frontpage to full access in the firewall settings, but it is ignoring me.   i cannot turn the firewall off everytime i want to upload pages. that is too dangerous.  what is wrong?


(XP computer, IS5 recently purchased.   Pro worked better)

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Hi, for FTP the application have to have access for both incoming and outgoing connections (unless the client is using FTP passive mode - which I don't know is possible to configure in Frontpage). In airport mode, all incoming connections are blocked - so if FTP active mode and Airport mode are used together, it will not work.