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Outlook 2000 won't receive
« on: August 19, 2010, 01:45:56 AM »
Three times since June my Outlook has suddenly gone weird. This never happened before in the ten years I've been using it. While I'm sending fine, three times now the receiving has quit/gone berserk.

1. One morning in June, Outlook would not receive (no changes from the previous night, with possible exception of Avast auto-update). Instead of the "Receiving and Sending Mail" dialog coming up for a moment or two, it would only barely flash (couldn't actually see the dialog). Nothing but rebooting computer would get email back. (I could send, but not receive.)

My ISP tech support said log showed I was logging into POP3, immediately logging out.

2. About two weeks later, ditto, exactly.

3. It's been working fine from late June until today. I received, replied to, and sent messages this morning, multiple times. Then, I tried to receive again, and got the fast-flash dialog and no download. (I checked my Webmail, and three messages are waiting for me.)

The same email account works fine in Outlook Express and in Outlook on another computer with similar settings. All other email accounts and clients work fine (no other accounts are configured in Outlook).

Sometime this morning I got a pop-up saying that Avast had downloaded updates. Are the Avast updates doing something to my Outlook?

I can't be shutting down and rebooting my computer all the time for this, so I can't get my new messages until I have time to reboot. I hope someone can help.

Win2000, Outlook2000 (Corporate/Workgroup configuration), Avast 5.0.594 (probably upgraded since this first happened) with definitions update 100818-1. Avast NOT configured for email proxy. Avast set to check only incoming mail (experimented with settings incl. email protection off; no change w/o reboot).