Author Topic: Problems playing mp3s over the network with Standard Shield on  (Read 3301 times)

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First off, I would like to say I found Avast about a couple weeks ago, and it's a great virus scanner.

However, when I play mp3s over the network on a mapped network drive, it takes around 30 seconds for it to start.  During this time, winamp and explorer are both frozen.  Playing local mp3s is fine, and terminating the Standard Shield will make the network mp3s work fine.  I've tried toying with the Standard Shield settings but nothing seems to fix it.  Is there a way to fix this?  It seems pointless to have a virus scanner that I will never have on because I can't play mp3s over the network.


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Re:Problems playing mp3s over the network with Standard Shield on
« Reply #1 on: July 05, 2003, 12:18:14 PM »
What OS are you using?
The slowdown is happening even when you disable "scanning files on open"? Other kind of access access than WinAmp (such as copying the files from the network to your local disk) is OK?