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multiple prompts for password
« on: July 17, 2003, 03:27:52 AM »
I have Avast home and it was working great for about a month, inthe last couple of days every time I connect using outlook express I get prompted for userid and password for each mail account.

The userid is format name#server which seems weird and even if I correct the password I just get the prompt again,my only option is to select Cancel.

When I select cancel it goes to the next account (same mail server different name) and it happens again.
When I have gone through all the accounts ( 4) o/express shows errors on all the accounts.

If I then do a send/receive It will sometimes work correctly.

I have  win89 Se with outlook express 6 and launch O/express and let it force the conection to my ISP.

If I use network connections to dial up then launch o/express this still happens but not as often
I dont want to use this work around as I want to keep it simple for the kids