Author Topic: 6.0.1000 Behavior Shield blocks Lenovo Fingerprint Software - no login screen  (Read 2628 times)

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Since I updated avast! to version 5.1.889 (from on my Win7 64bit Lenovo Thinkpad, i have the following problem:
When locking the system ("Windows-Key"-"L") or after "Sleep-Mode" no login window to Windows is displayed any more ... only the Windows7 background image (of login) is shown.
The only thing i can do in this situation is a brutal shutdown of the system (power button or removing power)  :(

The login window is normally displayed by the Lenovo Fingerprint Software (i am using the current version, since it combines "normal" login and fingerprint based login.

But if I disable the behavior shield of avast!, the login window is displayed and fully functional.
So there is a conflict between the current avast! version, more concrete with the behavoir shield.
(my shield settings are: all options checked and action: ask)

Is this conflict known or has anybody the same problem?  ???

[UPDATE 2011-02-24]
The same problem still occures with version 6.0.1000  :-[
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I ran into this on my wife's Thinkpad with W7 x64. I had to use system restore to get the update back out of the system, then turn off behaviour monitoring , and finally reinstall the update.

FWIW I have the behaviour monitoring disabled on all our PCs now as it has caused various problems on every one of them. Most are XP though.


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Thank you gcn for your confirmation of the problem.

I am wondering about the fact that we are the only ones facing this problem ... up to now  ???

@avast!-team: is this problem already known and addressed?


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I now updated to the new version 6.0.1000 and the problem still occures.  :-[

So i also updated the subject of this topic.

@avast-team: this problem now exists since quite a long time. Is this problem addressed?