Author Topic: Just installed Avast Internet Security and can't access email now. Help!  (Read 2192 times)

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I just purchased and installed the Avast Internet Security. Rebooted and I did the initial scan. Now when I log into my yahoo email it boots me out inabout 10 seconds to this weird website address below and and error message appears.Any suggestions??,,,_PVID%3DN%255fM9fUJe7py8WlcUS0gXogBPRGJQTU1nG%255fsACcKo%26Z%3D160x600%26cb%3D1298603003713367%26p%3D1%26x%3Dhttp%253A%252F%252Fglobal%252Eard%252Eyahoo%252Ecom%252FSIG%253D15o0ib6jt%252FM%253D787833%252E14445091%252E14291857%252E10748512%252FD%253Dmail%252FS%253D150550782%253ASKY%252F%255Fylt%253DAiXy5zNzBtffD%252E747Jbr0gH%252EOPkI%252FY%253DYAHOO%252FEXP%253D1298610203%252FL%253DN%255FM9fUJe7py8WlcUS0gXogBPRGJQTU1nG%255FsACcKo%252FB%253DQ8cdpUJe5is%252D%252FJ%253D1298603003713367%252FK%253DQs1xF9osuSWWbNlYKkq9NQ%252FA%253D6261171%252FR%253D0%252F%252A%2524%26S%3D14445091%26i%3D140464%26ycg%3Dm%26D%3Dzip%253D85083%2526ycg%253Dm%2526yyob%253D1974%2526bt%253D1%253b17%253b20%253b89%253b113%253b131%253b135%253b154%253b225%253b227%253b232%253b283%253b289%253b295%253b339%253b506%253b687%253b869%253b870%253b891%


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Re: Just installed Avast Internet Security and can't access email now. Help!
« Reply #1 on: February 25, 2011, 09:13:14 AM »
I did the initial scan
When you did your scan, first were your Avast definitions up to date?  Second, did you come out clean?  If you did not come out clean, did you put any infections in the Virus Chest?  If you have any infections, please give a screen shot of them so we can help you better. 

What other security software do you currently have on this machine and in the past including:
- Antivirus
- Firewall
- Trial versions of the above or any other security software
- Other security software

What version of AIS are you using now?  Was this an upgrade or a clean install?

Also please give us more information about your machine.  Thank you.