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Re: Avast! doesn't start up
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You haven't answered my previous post (with 4 not-so-complicated steps), so I don't know if you are still interested.

Anyway, here is something else you could try so to get your tray icon(s) to work.

1_ Close (as in complete "exit", not only just close the windows of) all programs, specially those with icons in the tray area. For Avast and others that are more "difficult" to close, leave them "as-is". If you have other Windows users logged on simultaneously, log off them (leave only your user open).

2_ Disconnect from the Internet (not completely necessary, but it may help to "clean" the tray icons cache).

3. Open regedit.

4.A For XP :

Code: [Select]

4.B For Vista / Seven :

Code: [Select]
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\Local Settings\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\TrayNotify

5. (Optionally) In the registry key from step 4, you should find 2 entries:

Code: [Select]

Select both entries, and make a backup of them (optional, but generally recommended).

6. Delete those 2 entries:

Code: [Select]

7. Close regedit, and LOG OFF immediately from Windows.

8_ Wait for the HDD's led to almost stop tilting, and log on again.

Although these are "many" steps, they are not at all complicated, and the procedure should take you a couple of minutes.

This procedure cleans the cache of tray icons for your Windows user.

Please report back your experience.


This morning I uninstalled avast! and installed a different antivirus to see if the same problem occurs with that. I'm going to see how that goes. Thanks.