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MANY 42003 errors
« on: November 10, 2004, 10:45:59 AM »
I just did my first scan and your software found two viruses, Win32:Trojan-gen in two files and Win32:Hantaner in about 16 files. None of these were on the hard drive I'm using right now, they were all on older drives that are in the process of being relegated to backup status and that I plan on formatting soon anyway.

However, I'm a bit concerned by something else. Over 350 different files, spread over 2 different drives, gave error 42003! This is by no means all the files, or even all the files of the right types, on those drives, but it still seems like a lot. I know there's a seperate thread on this error but this seems different enough that I didn't want to confuse the issues being discussed there.

These weren't obscure little things, either; they included stuff like the executables for Acrobat Reader, all the MS Office programs, and several games including Knights of the Old Republic, PDF manuals for numerous programs, and the DLL containing the Windows shell itself.

One of the drives involved was scanned less than 48 hours earlier.

Any theories on what's going on? Could one of the viruses have caused this? (I gather Hantaner is harmless, but the other one sounded like serious business). I'm in the process of reading through the other thread; if my question is answered there, just tell me where to look. I can give you any troubleshooting information you want, such as the things you would ask for in an e-mail, if it will help.

PS Why does it say I'm a llamma next to my post? I find that amusing because it's much like the line that introduces my replies on Usenet.
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