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AIS - Firefox and IE9 Tab Addons - Handling of Trojans
« on: September 23, 2011, 06:47:58 PM »
I use Firefox now on 7.0B6 almost exclusively

I don't use IE if I can avoid it however I was using one of the IE Tab addons for Firefox to access some URLs for various reasons.

The addons work by opening web pages using the IE engine so in effect it is using IE9 to open and view those webpages.  You choose which URLs that you want to view in IE9 add it to the Tab addon white list and Firefox will open that URL using the IE9 engine.

Anyway I just had an interesting experience regarding this.

I went to view a web site that I haven't been on in a few months.  When I last used it I had no problems accessing it as an white listed sight in the IE9 Tab.  I used the IE9 Tab to access the sight because Firefox would not sort the lists on the website.

When I went to access the website this morning AIS found a "Frame related" Trojan Horse and immediately sent it to the the Virus Chest.  I don't know if this is a False Positive or not but that is not the point.

What is the point of this is that using the IE9 engine, I did not try and load the page in IE9, Firefox opened the URL and then AIS immediately sent the bad file to the Virus Chest.

I then removed the IE9 Tab addon and tried to access the website using Firefox.  AIS blocked the Trojan Horse gave me a popup message to the effect and Firefox would not even allow access to the URL.

I just think it is interesting that IE9 with AIS allowed access to the URL after removing the Trojan Horse to the Virus Chest while Firefox with AIS blocked the Trojan Horse URL and did not allow access to the URL.


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Re: AIS - Firefox and IE9 Tab Addons - Handling of Trojans
« Reply #1 on: September 24, 2011, 12:37:27 AM »
Might have something to do with IE Tab, sounds like maybe page loaded with IE Tab didn't get scanned by the Webshield first as per norm.

Should be easy enough to check, open the UI and browse while using IE tab, check the WebShield's graph for activity.