Author Topic: AIS won't delete a virus after 3 tries.It says rootkit sfloppy.sys .Anyone know?  (Read 2939 times)

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Hello everyone, I have Avast Internet Security Suite & it is showing: C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\sfloppy.sys as a virus-a rootkit system modification.I have tried to get it to delete it and reboot my system,WINDOWS XP HOME, 3 times but it keeps popping back up.Does anyone know about this? Should I just leave it alone or is it a serious problem in the long run? Any suggestions will be GREATLY appreciated. :-\. My e-mail is
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It was a false positive that was fixed with latest manual update

you can read all about it in the virus and worms section   ;)


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Thank you very much Pondus. I beleive that did it! :)

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Thanks for info. I just got that rootkit notification.



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Please update the Virus definitons  to VPS 111207-0

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Hey, I got that one the other day. It was annoying I placed it in the Virus Chest. I ran GMER nothing. MBAM HitmanPro, PrevxSOL, Avira, KAV said it's clean. Check it also via VT, Jotti and OPSWAT --clean also. So I disregarded it (Ignore). Earlier it did that again while updating. I thought it was only me. A friend who also had it sent it to Avast.

Good thing it's been sorted out.   ;D
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