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Avast not working
« on: December 31, 2011, 08:31:36 AM »
Hi, new here, I'm having trouble with avast, my PC is not working adequately, I turned the computer on and everything worked fine until avast's update pop up message appeared the computer froze and I had to restart it manually, when I started a new session the screen turned black and I had to restart my session via ctrl+supr, it's weird, I mean the screens turns black but the system is working, well after I did this the first time windows tells me that I'm unprotected, that avast stoped working, I open the program and it shows me a big red X and the word unsecured followed by

"The avast antivirus program has been stopped, or is in an inconsistent state. Please restart the program to resume protecting your system"

it has two options "start the program" and "fix now" none of them work the AV freezes for seconds and nothing is solved, I tried to run the full system scan but it tells me that (sorry I speak spanish so I'm trying to translate what it says literally) it says the following

"Unable to scan, there are no available extremes from the extremes allocator" don't know what it means all that extremes part, but I understand I may have a virus.
I ran avast for a boot time scan and nothing, also I had to restart my session as I did the first time cause the screen was black again
I ran some other AV's online like bitdefender and eset but none of them found a virus, I also ran Norton Power Eraser and found corrupted files but nothing made avast start working.

what is going on?

The specs for my PC are
Windos 7 64 bits
Avast free version
The computer is working fine aside from the back screen and freezing at the start

Anything you can help me I'll be thankful

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Re: Avast not working
« Reply #1 on: December 31, 2011, 11:31:53 AM »
did you uninstall your previous used AV before installing avast ?
was your comp delivered with a preinstalled AV and have you removed it ?

try avast repair and reboot

For a repair of avast. Windows, Add Remove programs, select 'avast! Anti-Virus,' click the Change/Remove button from the pop-up window, scroll down to Repair, click next and follow.
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