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HELP! Invalid License #...
« on: August 20, 2003, 09:40:02 AM »
Please bear with me... I'm new to this. I downloaded the avast!4 on my home pc (older Dell Pentium 2 w/win98) and received an email saying I was successfully registered and given a key. Well, neither copy/paste, nor typing out the key allows me to log in. I keep getting the "invalid license number".

Can someone help me? I don't know where to go from here. I appreciate any advice

Bug =)

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Re:HELP! Invalid License #...
« Reply #1 on: September 06, 2003, 09:49:40 PM »

From FAQ:
"Q: I was successfully registered for using avast antivirus program and I received the activation key. However, when I try to enter the key, the program says "Invalid license number". Why?
A: The activation key is valid. Use copy & paste method to enter it into avast!; keep in mind that this number canĀ“t be used on any server operating system. Besides, you have to be logged in Windows with administrators rights (to enter they key)."

The same problem - no answer above!
Win98SE; no server (alone home PC).

I received license key and used avast!4... four days!
However, after 'bad' shut down today, I cannot start it again!

It shows me "License key is not entered" pop-up window; I click "OK";next window - "Registration" - I 'use copy & paste method to enter' the key (from "avast! Registration" mail); next time  click "OK"; and..."Invalid license number" at the end !!!!!!!!!!!

What's going on?

How to fix this?


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Re:HELP! Invalid License #...
« Reply #2 on: September 07, 2003, 08:37:44 PM »

Two options:
1. Uninstall avast ( you can use 'avast! uninstall utility'
-> and install again. Use your key to register.
2. Install avast ... over existing installation. I chose this method, and I can use my key...

After all, even if everything looks ok now, I'd like to know why and what happened to my registration key...
Where is the key written down and keeping?

Is there any body to answer my questions?