Author Topic: Getting error on install "Can not find 'AVAST4DIR"  (Read 8175 times)

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Getting error on install "Can not find 'AVAST4DIR"
« on: August 21, 2003, 04:27:14 PM »

I tried to install avast beta2c today but it wouldn't work.  When i run the install script, i get:

Can not find 'AVAST4DIR' environment variable.
Please, restart your SHELL!

I restarted the console but still get the same error.  Any way around this?

Using Debian Sid.



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Re:Getting error on install "Can not find 'AVAST4DIR"
« Reply #1 on: October 30, 2003, 09:04:25 PM »
Installation files are designed for RedHat like distros.
Set the AVAST4DIR environment variable to '/var/lib/avast4' (path to the avast! engine library) and it will be OK.