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mail shield blocking pop3-changing values
« on: April 12, 2012, 06:24:39 PM »
I have a dell studio 1747 with windows 7 pro 64bit sp1, outlook 2007 sp3 and avast! 7.0.1426.0 with 20day pro trial.

the mail shield and web shield are causing me great issue.  I set up the mail shield to do ssl/tsl using my accts (i have 4, all POP3)  i copied all of the information directly out of outlook and put it into the mail shield setup.  Then i turned off SSL/TSL in outlook and selected use std. ports, then i rebooted.  i got a server timeout on my gmail accts, and a could not find/authenticate error on my work accts. I noticed while investigating that the mail shield had deleted four of the settings i had added and changed two to!?! :o

settings i input are:   POP3   995incoming   SSL  POP3    465outgoing   SSL  POP3   995in   SSL  POP3   465out SSL    POP3    995in      TSL  POP3    587out    TSL  gmail acct 1    POP3    995in      TSL  POP3    587out    TSL  gmail acct 2 

settings that were there after i rebooted were: POP3 110in 465out SSL  POP3 995in  465 SSL

i don't get it...?

In addition, i cannot access ANY webpages. Either Firefox hangs completely and locks me out of my desktop forcing a cold boot (so does ie) or i get a cannot find the server error.  it is set with the default settings ad i hadn't turned on the windows firewall or windows defender  because the avast! firewall was activated with the pro version trial.

I've been through all of the forms and couldn't find a viable solution other than turning off the web/mail shields (which kind of defeats the point of av software? ???), rolling back to vs 6 (which i cannot find anywhere and don't have because i am new to avast! ;)), or uninstalling completely and installing something else-which i did because there seemed no other viable solution  :o. My tech geek friends all swear by avast!, so i would feel better using it than the stuff i have on here now.  I need my computer safe, my email to work, and my web access to work.

 Please help. :-[