Author Topic: Slow down internet problem after install & uninstall  (Read 3449 times)

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Slow down internet problem after install & uninstall
« on: September 19, 2012, 10:34:03 PM »
Upon installing Avast 7 this past week on my late 2010 MBP with mountain lion, my internet connection became troublingly slow.  Safari web pages were slow to load and sometimes never would load, App store wouldn't load, iTunes store would intermittently load.  So as a result I uninstalled Avast.

Now even after the uninstall, the same thing is happening.  Some web pages will need refreshed several times (some will load, others will not) and these are ones that should not be dead links, they've worked in the past frequently.  iTunes store won't connect to update apps.  It almost appears to me like Avast may have changed the way the computer uses internet web sites, almost like a firewall looking for approved sites before allowing me to view.  But like I said, I have uninstalled Avast and don't see any remnants in the Library.

Any clues would be appreciated.  For what it's worth, the Avast home page and forum pages load very fast, it's just other 3rd party sites that don't work well.