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Ah okay. Actually it was solved but now I have managed to break that computer's software, and it won't boot any more. ( see my post about an interrelated WIndows XP issue here: in another fourm.) Since it was Windows XP and very old I am willing to write it off. However, since my anti virus is about to expire on my other Windows machine, I will be uninstalling it and installing Avast! instead on one of its licenses.

EDIT: Limited success! :-) Did a "system Restore" from recovery console and XP now boots again.
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Hi , Sorry to multiple post, maybe I should start a new topic because I have a new issue with Avast! on my Windows XP computer?
Anyway I now get a message from Avast! antivirus which says "Firewall not switched on" (see attached screen dump.)
I have tried switching it on but get the message in the picture below.
Thanks in advance for any assistance.


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If You installed recovery console from windows xp as a second boot choice. Or have a xp cd rom, run recovery console and on administrator password (normally none set. IE BLANK JUST PRESS ENTER).
At the  c:\ prompt.      TYPE CHKDSK /P  & REPAIR SYSTEM FILES AND YOU SHOULD GET BACK TO WINDOWS AFTER CHKDSK HAS RUN. Windows cd needs to be in all the time in recovery console mode.

I am running free version and using windows xp firewall and having no problems. You could just try the free version after uninstalling the paid version? just as good!
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Hi bobo1, thanks for the advice. Sorry to seem stupid but please can you confirm that I type the following in the recovery console:


,...and this will fix the Avast firewall, Right?


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I now get a message from Avast! antivirus which says "Firewall not switched on"

Repair avast!:
1. Control Panel -> Add/Remove programs -> avast!
2. Click on 'Repair'.
3. Follow instructions.
4. Reboot.
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Thankyou Asyn.
I tried this but no effect.
Firewall still reports it is "OFF" and still get error message (see previous post) when try to switch on.


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bobo1, thanks for your advice, windows did find and fix some errors, but still no luck with the Avast!  firewall or with the other problem (possibly related) with XP reported in Bleeping Computer forum:-


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Solved thanks to DJBone with a fresh installation of Avast! plus a helpful email from Avast Technical support. Cheers Guys! :)))
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