Author Topic: Better antitheft measures/procedures after factory reset  (Read 2127 times)

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Better antitheft measures/procedures after factory reset
« on: May 24, 2013, 06:25:31 PM »
After reading these two threads:
Guy says he did a factory reset and doesn't remember the disguised apps name. For all I know, the guy asking the question IS the theif.
Same here. The person is asking on how to uninstall Avast after having alarms go off. He even says he doesn't know the password.
Moderator gives steps on how to remove Antitheft after a factory reset. Here a moderator gives step by step instruction on how to remove it, although the person still has to find the disguised apps name.

There has to be better antitheft measures after a factory reset, like password protection on the disguised apps name or something.

Also, there has to be better procedures here on the forums. A theif can make up any story, come on here asking how to remove it, and a moderator says all the steps in a way that a kid can uninstall it. That first link has the person giving "proof" by giving the numbers on the could-be stolen phone--it's just the numbers the thief can easily read from the back of the phone!

How about being only able to uninstall it from the website? And if the person says "I forgot my password," then have the person provide D.O.B details and/or a secret question on the website.

-Disguised app should still have a password working after a factory reset.
-People should uninstall it by logging in to the website. They can provide answers to security questions and/or their Date of Birth incase they forget the password. Date of Birth has "Month, Day, and Year" categories as a pull-down menu incase of international users not understanding "02-05-84" and "05-02-84" having their months and days mixed up.
-Moderators here have to stop giving step by step instructions on how to remove it on the forums, because any theif can come on here and give made up stories.
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