Author Topic: Win32:trogen-gen{vc} new from ghost today 10/25/03  (Read 4622 times)

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Win32:trogen-gen{vc} new from ghost today 10/25/03
« on: October 25, 2003, 03:32:26 AM »
I just got this new anti virus software because mine is out of date and haven't bought the new nortan it say i have the new virus win32:trojan-gen{vc} but when  i go to repair or delete or move/rename it sayes unknown path  

plz reply plzplzplzPLZPLZPLZ!!!  

I have fix my problem with all my virus thx to the help of these replys and the site trend micro thx for all the help!.

ok so far i just got this site from some reply which indeed helped but i i got rid of all the other virus's on my computer buti also might have deleted my so important syste files and need help or a site that can help me fix them my computer at the moment is running at system resoures is at 60% which is low !!!

I still can't seem to get rid of this damn virus win32:trogen-gen{vc} on avast i can't move it but!! when i delete it the next time i scan it back same file same everything ( c:\program files/toolbar/winnet.exe?? can some one help me out plz the trend site is a great way but it didn't even find this virus need help

i did get rid of it but the trend mirco did a search and i may have deleted files i may need but not sure is there a site out there that can help me check out my computer and i still did get rid of the damn virus Win32:trogen-gen{vc}
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Re:Win32:trogen-gen{vc} thx for help but plz real still may need help
« Reply #1 on: October 25, 2003, 03:46:28 AM »
Hi ghost,

Just a suggestion....

You might be better to keep your problem to one thread and copy your latest message as a follow-up under your original post. This way people can follow easier what exactly is happening in your situation.

Perhaps you could add 'how' you "got rid of the virus" so that things don't get repeated and we have an idea of what you have done so far  ;)

The guys here are always glad to help... given the right info.  :)

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