Author Topic: SecureLine VPN trial broke my internet when I upgraded to the latest avast  (Read 1655 times)

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When I upgraded I was no longer able to connect to my home network and even if I hard-coded an IP address, nothing connected. I spent over 7 hours trouble shooting this problem. I finally tracked it down to Secureline VPN trial having ended..  I have the pro version of Avast (paid for). But I didn't purchase the Secureline VPN.  I tried everything in a very systematic way and finally concluded it had to be a firewall issue, but turning off the firewall didn't do a thing. Then I went to uninstall Avast and noticed it had a repair option. So I selected repair and that cleared the problem.

The Secureline VPN went from saying it was not licensed to saying "do you want to try Secureline VPN"..  and the problem is gone.

So.. if you don't HAVE secureline VPN but had the trial, consider an Avast "repair".

To diagnose this, open CMD.EXE and PING if it says timeout or general failure, you've got your IP blocked .. is your own computer, so if you can't even reach yourself, then something else is going on.


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Hi Dave, welcome to the forum :)

I am sorry you had to spend so much time to fix the problem ! As you are no longer using SecureLine, you can remove it as well :

1) Start - Control Panel - Add/Remove Programs - Avast! - Change.
2) Change.
3) Uncheck SecureLine.
4) Continue.
5) Reboot.

Greetz, Red.
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