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Repairing a friend's laptop with Vista Home premium SP2 32 bits, I see no Avast icon in Systray.
Launching the Avast GUI, I get the error in the title of this thread.
I tried to uninstall/reinstall, then uninstall and reboot in safe mode and run avastclean.exe, then reinstall C++ 2008SP1 redist package as I found elsewhere in this forum, I still get the same error after reinstall.
Uninstall Avast again, then reboot, then reboot to safe mode, run again avastclear.exe, reboot again, clear Logs again, reboot twice and I see no errors in Logs.
Install Avast gives an error VVS 8194 in Apps Log in the beginning of installation while creating a restore point and in the end still this SbS error on first GUI autolaunch, no "Welcome to Avast" sound.

I also uninstalled MacAffee and Norton then ran removers as I found them installed.

When Avast is uninstalled/cleared, Windows Security center still claims Avast is taking care for both Virus (although no more Avast icon beside) and Malwares.
Here is the event in log:
Code: [Select]
volume snapshot service error: when querying interface IVssWriterCallback. hr = 0x80070005. This error is often related to incorrect security settings in the writer or requester process.

Opération :
   Writer data being collected

Context :
   ID classWriter: {e8132975-6f93-4464-a53e-1050253ae220}
   Name writer: System Writer
   ID instance writer: {808d7d50-cae4-4b10-bd94-e1adbda8fa5c}
I searched these 2 strings in registry, both with / wo Avast installed and didn't found.
Even after Avast is cleared, many registry keys remain (with Avast or ASW... or Alwill)
I can successfully create manual restore points.
Please help

Thank you

[EDIT] ATM I reached to have Avast 8.0.1482 running OK, but although Avasts warns being obsolete, Windows Security Center still states Avast is up to date

[EDIT oct 3rd] Installed 8.0.1497 over 1482 : broken with Side by Side error. Uninstalled, clearded from safe mode, and now running chkdsk/b (I previously ran OK scf /scannow and Windows SUR tool, and also 2 MBAM Free scans)

Is there a tool to check which AV may have been previously installed?

There are many registry entries LEGACY_xxxx drivers from Avast5 that are left behind after avastclean has run and reboot. I can't delete them (not allowed and can't change authorizations)

[EDIT oct 3rd...later] I cleaned registry manually + ccleaner and gave a run of avastclear for avast5. Now it works but it seems to be a new release.
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