Author Topic: [fixed] Blue Screen (BSOD) - Windows 10 Anniversary Update on Skylake CPU  (Read 32627 times)

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How will I know when the offline installers have been updated?

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Hi dwh,
offline installers were fixed in today's release:

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Hi! This problem is not (fixed)! I have an amd fx 8350 8 core CPU, I got the same error after an MS update I ran on 23AUG! I cannot get into the system in safe mode, I cannot disable the av, as I have no way to login. I used windows 10 boot media to repair and attempted a roll back to the restore point, but an error comes up that says antivirus is running, disable it and then attempt restore again.

What are my options? Please do not mark fixed if there are still issues with the same driver! I think this was premature!

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Hi SilentWarrior, welcome to the forum :)

Can you please start your own topic, because it will be much easier to help you than.

Greetz, Red.

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Re: [fixed] Blue Screen (BSOD) - Windows 10 Anniversary Update on Skylake CPU
« Reply #19 on: January 07, 2017, 10:24:51 PM »
I also have the AMD of eight cores, and I do not know why I gave that problem by that date exactly, although with Windows 8, it seemed that I did not load the icon of the antivirus and then the blue screen, later I finished formatting the pc, then I It will happen again when reinstalling. I do not know if it really is the antivirus or my system and other software, but after having found this, I will be attentive on the subject. Of course a good forum that I had not seen before. Regards !!!
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