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[2281] Bug Report--Uninstall
« on: November 07, 2016, 04:11:50 AM »
Hi There

Uninstall after a BSOD and PC almost didn't reboot back up, showed related to memory management, finally did get it reloaded, then proceeded to uninstall the Beta version and go back to stable version on this Windows 10 x64 Pro Anniversary 1607 14393.351 model.    Anyways the Questions to select when do the uninstall was so dark barely could read them, sorry I forgot to get a screenshot of that issue.   But it did uninstall fine, no issues there, Stable version running fine once again, will wait til 12.4 is final

Not entirely sure what caused the memory management bsod, I should've troubleshooted it more, and then helped fix that bug, but i'm no expert on bugs, and I use my PC for gaming, and normal tasks.    Plus not sure if my System image drive would stay connected as been having trouble with that external, so I figured back to stable on this system.

I do like Avast very very much, I even ignore real life friends that say it's stupid that I stay with 3rd party antivirus and not use Defender.   

Still have 12.4.2281 on secondary system though, but probably can't recreate the memory management issue sadly.   I will reinstall 12.4.2281 on this system if recommened to do, and test it more, also gonna try to fix secondary external so it will stay connected, just in case I need the system image, or make room on my primary external for system image file, will see if I can do that tomorrow

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