Author Topic: Cannot install AVAST after deinstallation of Norton on my MacBook  (Read 512 times)

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Would you please help me to clean MacBook to install Avast Security?
I installed Norton 360, but then I had to reinstall system from backup due to some problems I even do not want to describe (black screen during startup, and no wake-up). How come now Avast says that there are some elements of Norton on my computer? There may be some files/settings from history when I tried to install Norton a year or two ago. But after this attempt I was able to install Avast which was working for me very well for a long time.
Perhaps you could supply the checklist that is verified before Avast is installed? There must exist some 'checklist'. I applied all possible uninstall tools from Norton and the last one says that there is NO any Norton application on my machine, but Avast has a different opinion :-).
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please check your private messages
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Ondrej Kolacek