Author Topic: Occasional AV Pro freezes - need a warning when this happens!  (Read 450 times)

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Occasional AV Pro freezes - need a warning when this happens!
« on: November 10, 2017, 09:58:22 PM »
Let's say straight off that for the most part Antivirus Pro works well and does a great job on my Win10 x64 system as far as I can tell (I have layers of protection, including my own careful habits, so, as far as I can tell, genuine nasties have not yet got onto my system for Avast to find).

But there's one thing that does concern me a little, in that fairly rarely I notice that the AVP tray icon has frozen and is unresponsive, and the Avast modules showing as running processes were all showing as unresponsive in Chameleon Task Manager.  Presumably owing to self-protection I couldn't remove those from memory and so had to reboot to get Avast working again.

Now, I'm not very keen on finding that my supposedly main AV is frozen and may have been so for much of the session! That presumably means that I've been without Avast protection during that time, which I'm sure the Avast team would not at all want to be happening!

So, the question is, how this situation could be avoided in the future. An AV can be wonderful, top of the league, and all that, but if it's frozen, it's just a gap in one's security.

I appreciate that even a top-rate security program may have rare glitches on any particular system, but what the user needs is a warning system to tell them that the program's frozen and that they need to reboot the system to get the program running again. Unfortunately Windows doesn't warn about such happenings. It evidently still sees the program as loaded and running (of sorts), and so doesn't warn of a security risk as it would if I disabled Avast protection.

It would thus be greatly helpful if the Avast team could include in the various Avast packages a small utility that runs independently of the main program modules,  monitoring their status and warning the user if any of them have frozen or indeed abnormally shut down. Even better, of course, for the utility to actually terminate the program altogether, including all frozen processes and then to relaunch it - but at the very least a warning to reboot in order to restart Avast would be not just helpful but could make all the difference between being okay and having one's computer zapped by some choice bit of malware.