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avast 17 Installation ... FAIL --- DENIED
« on: January 15, 2018, 02:20:59 AM »
I finally attempted to install avast 17.9.2322 this afternoon via the supposed / alleged Offline Installer.

If I am not mistaken, I believe I've read on the forums that even though it is called an "Offline" installer ... Windows XP computers have to perform the installation while Online "because it needs to download something that it needs."  Is that correct?  So, reluctantly I humored the Offline installation and performed it while Online.  Very quickly the progress bar of the installation seemingly appeared to be stuck.  For around 9 minutes it pretty much stayed in the same spot (around 1 fifth of the progress bar).

I pondered the possibility that maybe the install had taken liberty to also install all the VPS updates that it was behind.  IF that was the case, then that's not a very welcome liberty for the install to be taking given that I have Dial Up Internet.  I disconnected my Internet connection.  I did see instup.exe in the processes in the Task Bar.

I then ripped everything avast back out again.  I then attempted another avast 17 installation this time Off Line.  I was rather quickly informed that an error had occurred during the installation.  Disappointed and seeing red, I again ripped everything avast out.  I then reinstalled avast 12.3.2280.  Everything is now back to working fine.

How big is this so-called "something" that the avast 17 installation needs to download during usage of the alleged Offline Installer with Windows XP?  And why the blazes does it not get incorporated into the Offline Installer?
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