Author Topic: Avast update messed with my internet and wi-fi connetions  (Read 840 times)

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Avast update messed with my internet and wi-fi connetions
« on: July 20, 2021, 02:53:17 PM »
I hope someone can help me. My Avast was up for renewal so I renewed it with a new subscription. My new subscription included: Clean-up premium, AntiTrack, Driver Update and SecureLine VPN. I originally just had Avast Premium Security and the driver update.

When I activated my new subscription it messed with my internet, my browser and my wi-fi.
Internet/Wi-fi: The wi-fi connection icon at the bottom of the screen was always the dot with the three circular lines above it but the update changed the icon to as if I am connected to the internet through an ethernet cable (I am not). It says I am not connected to the internet and it is not recognising our modem - even though it seems I am still connected to the internet/wi-fi.

Browser: The new update has slowed down my browser a lot. Before the update when I googled something, clicked on a link or opened a document they all opened straight away. Now it is taking a while for the link to open, document to download and for what I googled to come up.

Also some websites I use for work/school are not accessible now due to this new update. I have tried contacting Avast support through the website but link is not working (due to the update) and I have messaged through all social media sites but no answer. I need help resolving this issue as I have paid for this product and the product advertisement doesn't reflect what I purchased.
If someone could please help me resolve this issue or guide me to someone who can I would greatly appreciate it.