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Windows Live Messenger
« on: October 02, 2007, 10:25:14 PM »
I first want to say " Hi " to all members here at avast forum ! I have big big problem with my MSN ! You all know about this Virus which send images automatically to my online contacts ! I can't delete this virus at all ! First I deleted this image from my desktop and then in My Recieved Files ! But it didn't helped me ! Then I scanned my comp over 60 GB of my hard drive and found 12 viruses :( and deleted them but there is still problem ! I found that image rar and entered it ... this is what I've found --->

Then I scanned that file with avast 4.7 home edition but it says that there is no virus !? Later I logged on to my MSN and I had same problem ! My friend told me that he had deleted all "msnsmsgr" files in Registry Editor . I searched overthere for these files and this is what I've found :

I can only cry because of this ! It causes me a lot of problems with my friend ! But worst thing is that avast don't recognize this as virus !? If anyone can help pls write down what should I do ! Thx a lot :)