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Re: web shield turns off
« Reply #15 on: May 12, 2022, 10:01:29 AM »

Try to reset Accessibility.
To do so, go to your device's phone Settings > General management> Reset> Reset accessibility settings (since each device is different you might have to search for "Reset")
Also, check your phones battery power saving settings to make sure the app does not get killed.

I have a further question to throw into the ring.

Having also done an accessibility reset and re-enabled the Web Shield and also the Malware Uninstaller (Avast).  There is also the Malware Uninstaller (Avast) shortcut. This places the little man at the bottom of the screen, navigation bar (which I have never liked) what purpose does it serve  ? 

I have never been clear about what this actually does and the wording in the app doesn't make it any clearer.  e.g.
Why would this so called shortcut need to be on, if you have in effect already given permission for the main Malware Uninstaller (Avast) option  ?   
What would the impact be if you didn't enable the Malware Uninstaller (Avast) shortcut (e.g. what the hell is it there for) ?

Battery Settings:
As far as More Battery Settings goes, I think the Adaptive Battery option one of the areas that can cause issues, so for some time I have had that disabled.

Please add a screenshot.

I have now found out what the little man icon does. 
It just provides quick access to the Accessibility settings without having to go through the phones settings.

Thanks, It is the Accessibility button in Android - not specific to any app but you can decide what to use it with
- Settings > Accessibility > Advance settings > Accessibility button (then tap on the feature or app to enable or disable)
It is not meant to be a shortcut for apps (only for Android Accessibility features) but if an app needs Accessibility to function, it will be in the list.
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