Author Topic: Software BaseCamp del teclado Mountain Everest Max detectado como IDP.Generic  (Read 1083 times)

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Hola a todos, cuando instalo el software, descragado de la propia página oficial sin que el antivirus detecte ninguna incidencia, analizando el archivo descargado y reanalizado descomprimido sin de nuevo ninguna incidencia, al instalarlo en windows 10 detecta el ejecutable como idp.generic
¿ha tenido alguien esta incidencia?
¿Se trata de falso positivo?

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Please post here in English or find your own language section here:

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Hello everyone, when I install the software, downloaded from the official page itself without the antivirus detecting any incidents, analyzing the downloaded and unzipped file again without any incidents, when installing it in Windows 10 it detects the executable as idp.generic
Has anyone had this issue?
Is it a false positive?

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If you can post a screenshot of the Avast Alert window with the show details option open also.

Without this kind of information it is almost impossible to comment.

Was the detected file sent to the Quarantine area  ?

If so open the Avast Quarantine and hover over the file and select the ... (three dots to the right of the file) and choose the Send for analysis option.
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