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Avast Business Antivirus 23.2 (Windows)
« on: March 21, 2023, 10:49:03 AM »
Release Notes:
Avast Business Antivirus 23.2(late March 2023)

Release Summary
This release contains new improvements and bug fixes for our Avast Business Antivirus client.
The new version of Avast Business Antivirus will be available for new installations immediately. All existing devices will start the automatic upgrade to this version later. If you wish to upgrade your devices to this version prior to the automatic upgrade, you can create a new Task (Update device – Program update task) from your console. A system reboot will be required to complete the installation. There will be no forced reboot, unless you have set this in your device policy settings.

New Feature(s) & Enhancements
  • Immediate detection in Network Inspector – Get notified immediately of new network security issues, especially if you're connected to an unprotected Wi-Fi network. The notifications have a new look as well.
  • Faster File Shield - We’ve improved the speed of File Shield by using Kernel EAs, so it can scan files and programs faster for any malicious threats.

Resolved issues
  • If the Firewall rule "Allow incoming file and printer sharing over SMB protocol" is disabled, it does not block outgoing SMB connections anymore.
  • Fixed issue in Exchange plug-in that could cause Exchange to stop functioning until the plug-in was disabled.
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