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I'm adding this post here hoping that I can get assistance with my problem. In a nutshell the 60 day trial period has expired on the trial version I downloaded. Yesterday I made the purchase for the version I assumed I need. Now that I have the key I need to know how to enter it so I can activate the software. When I launch the ADMN Console I get an Unknown error message Unable to login as Administrator or connection error. Is this related to the fact that the trial expired? I was able to login fine previously last week. What do I need to do to correct this?

I'm updating this question because I've neither gotten a reply here in the forum or an answer to my email submitted to tech support. I love the software; really I do, it's been one of the easiest to use both for my personal home use and here during the trial period. My only complaint is the slow response time to questions, mind you this is my first tech support question but I submitted plenty before, during and after my trial period with regards to trying to figure out what exactly I needed to purchase. Because of the amount of time that elapsed inbetween responses my trial period ended and now I've essentially got an exchange server that could be vulnerable. I thought that purchasing the license would change that fact but without being able to log in to the ADMN console to activate I cannot verify this.  I suppose I could uninstall and reinstall and enter the license but that seemed a bit reactionary to me initally without at least getting some guideance from tech support first.

I recieved the backup disc in the mail today, too bad I have not heard back from tech support as quickly. I will see if I can fix this by simply reinstalling the software. The good thing is that I have some experience with this now and know beforehand that it will recognize the clients so it's just a minor inconvenience that's all.

I wanted to update this question. Yesterday I finally got a reply from customer support regarding my question and in essence to this forum post.

thank you very much for your interest in our avast! antivirus products.

If you still have this problem, try to reinstall the ADNM and others avast installations.


So there it is there, reinstall ADNM. Lucky for AVAST I think very highly of the product.

Great news I didn't have to reinstall the software or any of the components. I was attempting to do everything through the ADNM console and was initially ignoring the AMS Maintenance Tool, what a fool. Right at the top of that tool is the license tab; clearly marked. Clicked on that and the rest was pretty much intuitive, simply located the actual license dat file and viola, the software even has the option to copy the file to where it needs to go. I love this program.
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Re: Activating SBS Edition - Standard with key after trial period has expired
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Hi - The re: above is not what I'm writing about.  I'm just on here for the first time, and want to know what do I clidk on to
send a message.  I have a question that needs to be answered.
Hope you can help.