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Okay, I admit it, I didn't see the wishlist so I changed it to discussion. Sorry. :( Well, Now that I changed the topic title, ;D I want to ask you if I should add this to the wishlist or not. Its a Startup Warning and a Shutdown, Restart, and Logoff warning. Here is the oridginal post that I made: "First of all, SLRW stands for Shutdown, Logoff, and Restart Warning. Someone might have a virus on their computer that adds itself to the startup so when the user logs in to his/her account, the virus is activated. (Most likely shutdown, spam shortcut, start virus) Can you add a special feauture so if someone or something trys to add a startup file, Avast! would warn you if you trust the file to be added or not. Also, for users who don't want this feauture, they can uncheck a checkbox in the settings for Startup. I'm sure nobody likes viruses spamming the computer and starting shutdowns repeatly. Also with the startup warning, can you add a thing so that if for example you (on axident) opened a shortcut that shutted down the computer, restarted the computer, or log off the computer, Avast! can warn you if you want to trust this Logoff, Shutdown, or Restart. Same applys to SRLW, you can disable it by unchecking a checkbox in the settings. Also, would a feauture disable certain commands for some users? like if you type [LOGOFF, SHUTDOWN], it will not warn you about logging off and shutting down." Okay, please tell me if it should be added to the wishlist and if not, can you help me inprove it a little so I can make the thing to the Avast! Version 5.0 because its pretty annoying having spam popup at the startup and a shutdown command is executed.  >:( Anyways, I realy think this is a good option that allows more protection. I don't know what version it should be in, so can you help me figure that out? I don't know how many days it would take to code this but it might be worth it! I think it should be in Professional to make more people buy it. ;D Besides, who wants annoying popups? An example of a deadly program is a program that makes a shortcut to the startup and makes a folder hidden in the C:\Windows somewhere (Random every time) and makes its programs that call each other and spam. Its like a deadly spam. While you are trying to close all the windows, (Folders, Notepads, MD3s, Games, Edc...) the program might start a shutdown command. The only way to close the shutdown command if the file is reopening itself is to end all the files at onece by right clicking the file on the toolbar and selecting close group, then type "Shutdown.exe -a" in the command propit or in the "Start>Run>Shutdown.exe -a" If it doesen't allow closing, try closing it from the task manager. I don't know how to fix the task manager if its hacked. :-\ Oh well...
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