Author Topic: Can you help me with my computer's space? (Please move to General Topics)  (Read 3278 times)

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Can you help me with my disk space , I have less than one thousand megabytes left and I want to install windows vista. I have a html file on my information. (Renamed to .txt) and I want to have Vista. Can you please tell me what to delete?

I'll post new posts with new attachments on an upgrade like if I add the "Add or Remove Programs" Programs.

How to download file:
Download, rename extention from .txt to .html & open.

Me like cheesy.gif!

(Whops! I posted in the wrong place. Can a moderator move it to general topics?)
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Get a larger or second HD, or remove XP then install Vista.
Anyway I do NOT recommend to install Vista.
Skip Vista, get Windows 7.

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Hi Donovansrb10,

If Eddy gives you some advice, you'd better listen to the man. He was the first one on this forum to point several things out to me, and I would never have become a malware fighter, wasn't it for Eddy's inspiration. And he is right, it is MS themselves saying: "Do not waste time on Vista, go directly to Windows7". And do not download the torrent version because that has inbuilt malware, but download the regular version from Windows.
You have such nice peripheral HD's now, huge, and comfortably priced, and put some security software on a big pendrive (some 12 GB) and work your DrWebCureIt, MBAM etc. from a usb (a clean one of course),

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