Author Topic: "[Provider] is still waiting for a subsystem to start." What's with this?  (Read 3134 times)

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raven paradox

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on my "On-Access Protection Control" screen the following message is displayed for
the "Web-Shield" and "Internet Mail" providers:
""[Provider] is still waiting for a subsystem to start."
I'm running Outlook Express, and the message displays for the "Internet Mail" provider whether that program is running or not.
It also displays for "Web Shield" whether or not I'm online.
I'm afraid that something is wrong and that I'm lacking protection in these vital areas.
Will be very grateful for any assistance.
Thank you.
raven paradox

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Hi raven paradox,

You could try a repair of Avast, via the control panel "add/remove programs". Locate the entry, select "change", and at the prompt, select "repair".

What OS do you use, what other AV has been on it in the past, and what other security is running now?
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Hi, for Mail Scanner and WebShield this message is shown when their respective services are not running. Check the services control panel if "avast! Web Scanner" and "avast! Mail Scanner" services are installed and running.

The best way to ensure their proper installation is indeed the "repair" option from the setup package.

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Just to mention that both services "avast! Web Scanner" and "avast! Mail Scanner" are set to Manual start by default (not automatic).
Also, is the problem appears on MS Outlook plugin, the only thing to do is running (opening) MS Outlook. The plugin will start after that.
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