Author Topic: Avast Home Registration Control Letters (SOLVED)  (Read 2763 times)

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Avast Home Registration Control Letters (SOLVED)
« on: December 18, 2009, 02:21:20 AM »
EDIT: Just did it again this time it worked. Didn't do anything differently so if anyone has the same issue just wait a little while and try again.

I just had to do a system recovery due to avast not stopping a rootkit/trojan/virus (bundled in one) from hitting the system and completely preventing windows from booting (attached itself to atapi.sys driver). Anyways after doing so it cleared the registery and now I need to re-enter a new/lost registration key. The only issue with this is, after attempting the Control Letters (Captcha) on the page 30+ times and everytime having it say invalid I believe there is an issue going on here.

Internet Explorer - 10+ times
Fire Fox - 10+ times
Google Chrome - 10+ times

Now I know I am not that bad at spelling that I would incorrectly type the 3 letters even 5 times. Anyone else having this issue or know a way around this problem?
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