Author Topic: Does Spy Bot Search and Destroy cause any problems with Avast IS and MBAM Pro?  (Read 4902 times)

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Hello all,

I already use Avast Internet Security and MBAM Pro.  A techie friend of mine recommended that I also add Spy Bot Search and Destroy.

Will this cause any problems with Avast IS and MBAM?
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Hi Zalynia :)

I am not aware of any problems, but I am curious why your friend recommends SB S&D to you. It is a very old program, and except for maybe it's immunisation function it doesn't add anything to your current setup. It's a waste of time and resources if you ask me.

Greetz, Red.
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Thanks for the help! 

As to why he recommended Spy Bot, apparently he thinks it's useful.  He told me it has very occasionally found things that the other 2 missed.  I don't have any more info than that.  But in any case, I'm glad you don't think it will create any problems.

Cheers!  :)

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There have been issues with the teatimer module

In the old days of spyware SpyBot and Ad-aware was the pioneers, but SB is no longer able to handle todays malware, the only thing it is able to remove is tracking cookies and adware

Use malwarebytes and Superantispyware


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Ok, thanks very much for the advice.  :)

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Use malwarebytes and Superantispyware

They're both available in free versions (on-demand scans only, no real-time protection).
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I already have MBAM Pro, will check out Superantimalware, thanks Mike.   :)


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whoops!  superantispyware


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@ Zalynia,

If you are using MBAM Pro - resident protection, I really don't see a reason for you to also have SuperAntispyware (SAS) - on demand protection.

There have been issues/conflicts with the Teatimer (TT) portion of SB and Avast, and many users have therefore uninstalled it thereby resolving their problems.  In addition, as already mentioned, MBAM does a much better job and is more up to date.
- Uninstall Spybot S&D w/Teatimer:
- How to disable Spybot-S&D (temporarily). .  Even though it says temporarily, the resident parts of SpyBot Search & Destroy must be enabled manually if disabled in this manner.  TeaTimer doesn't load into memory at all when disabled.

However the decision is up to you.  Let us know if you have any further questions.  Thank you.


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Safe, thanks for the detailed response; that's very helpful.  All the best  :)


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You are most welcome.  :D