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Black screen and white arrow
« on: July 17, 2011, 02:03:48 PM »
Tale of woe

PC went very odd - just that, no error messages just weird.
I thought I had been hit by some malware but scans, lots of scans, found nothing.
Tried lots of things, then went for a sys restore which failed and on restart I got a black screen with white arrow.
Got an error message about nvvsvc.exe runtime
That is a nVidia driver helper - so lets bypass it.
Tried to boot into safe mode, Windows loaded drivers/please wait - got a black screen whith a large white arrow.
Oops - that shouldn't happen.

Booted into Vista CD and ran repair - no errors. Restart and black screen again.
Back into Vista CD and called for sys restore - it worked!
It only worked 'outside of windows' - live CD in effect.

Started searching on nVidia forums and found that I was not the only one.
nVidia puts nvvsvc.exe in C:\Windows\system32\ so it loads or tries to load even in Safe Mode!
I don't know what the hell happened to cause the problem but am thinking of uninstalling again and making sure that it is deleted before re-installing.
Perhaps it would be safer to end the service first.

Thanks nVidia - plonkers

Just checked on the Microsoft forums and the Microsoft folk point out that nVidia should not have used the sys32 folder. That does not get the certified Logo.
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