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A sneaking suspicion...VRDB
« on: November 20, 2004, 05:38:24 PM »
I've been having problems the past few months (since installing Avast!) with my PC locking up in one of two instances:

1.  Wake from screen saver (keyboard and mouse are locked solid, must hard reset)

2.  Wake from monitor off - energy saving (keyboard and mouse fail to wake system, must hard reset)

Now, this does NOT happen all the time.  Typically a couple times per week is all.  In frustration I recently reformatted my entire system and only put WinXP SP2 and Avast on it.  Well, unfortunately the problem occurred again!  

I started poking around and when I was reviewing the VRDB settings (generate when idle or screen saver) a thought occurred to me that possibly it may be causing this issue?  I have since DISabled VRDB and so far NO lockups.

I am posting in the hope that maybe someone else was (or is) running into similar issues...Is it possible VRDB could be causing this and if so, are there logs or anything that would indicate when some of these events are occurring so that maybe I can match them up to the crashes?

Again, it happens during a screen saver or monitor power off.  This would indicate to me that something is starting during this time that is seizing up my system.  

Note:  Before you ask, I have also started from scratch using different video drivers, etc.  At this point I suspect something other than hardware because drivers and everything else (temps included) are fine.  No overclocking or any of that nonesense on my system.  

This is a CLEAN system except for WinXP SP2 and Avast!.  

Thanks for any help/feedback! I'm not looking to blame Avast (LOVE the program fellas!).   I'm just looking to see if anyone MIGHT have had a similar issue in the past so that perhaps we can investigate this further...  



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Re:A sneaking suspicion...VRDB
« Reply #1 on: November 20, 2004, 05:46:32 PM »
There have been known issues such as yours starting with Wins ME which also had the sleep mode or hibernation feature built into it. I then had tried it, had the same problems you did, called the H.Packard tech support folks. They advised me to disable these features as they were aware of these things happening to users pcs and there was no work around for it. I do believe the same thing is applicable with Win XP machines that have the hibernation or sleep features. I do not ever use them myself and do not experience any problems such as you are. Consequently I do NOT believe it has anything to do with Avast or any program you might have on your machine. HTH :)

Edit: Please go here and read about what I have found for you.
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Re:A sneaking suspicion...VRDB
« Reply #2 on: November 20, 2004, 10:31:51 PM »
Try to open the <avast>\data\avast4.ini file and in the [Common] section, change the item Database=ODBC to Database=XML. This could prevent the Microsoft Jet drivers from accessing the database...
Does it have any (positive) effect on VRDB generation?
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