Author Topic: Performance (Thunderbird) + crash issues (EyeTV) with avast for Mac free  (Read 3377 times)

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Hello avast team,

Thunderbird is working very slow (often beachball) while avast is enabled. I have disabled the mail modul (because of the SSL errors). Creating and browsing mails in Thunderbird goes very slow.

Another problem: Elgato EyeTV is crashing while closing it: It is only possible to quit the program with the immediately quit the program (CMD+ALT+ESC). Sometimes there is a crash while shutting down the mac like this: since avast! for Mac free is installed.

It is possible to fix it?

OS X: 10.8.2
EyeTV: 3.5.6

This was also with OS X 10.8.1 and EyeTV 3.5.5

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Re: Performance (Thunderbird) + crash issues (EyeTV) with avast for Mac free
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Re: Performance (Thunderbird) + crash issues (EyeTV) with avast for Mac free
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Hi  zivilist,

I had come across the same issue with the following setup.

Mountain Lion v10.8.2
Thunderbird v17.0
Avast v7.0 (37781)

I decided to exclude my Thunderbird profile from being scanned by Avast. I do realize this is defeating the purpose of having a virus scanner. If it wasn't for the extremely poor performance I would never opt for this as a solution. Think of it as a temporary fix for the problem you are experiencing.

In Avast Preferences click on File System Shield and click on Advanced and select the following path to exclude.

/Users/Username/Library/Thunderbird    - replace username with your short name.

I would also exclude where the EYETV is saving data during live recording.

Hope that helps!