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VoIP SIP TLS stopped working
« on: June 17, 2014, 05:13:22 PM »
I use eyeBeam VoIP software client with avast! Free under Windows XP for a long time. There was no any issues till the ninth of june. But I discovered that eyeBeam is not able to connect to IP-PBX Asterisk through SIP TLS (TCP 5061) on that day. Every time when I launch eyeBeam I get error: "Error 503 : Certificate Validation Failure". But I do not get it if SSL scanning feature is disabled in avast! realtime mail monitor. I think that this happens because of some updates in avast! near the date. The realtime mail monitor tries to scan SIP TLS connection because it uses SSL/TLS encryption and breaks it :-( I tried to add the IP-PBX to ignorable adresses but it did not resolve the problem. avast! is v2014.9.0.2018.
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