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SafeZone and Google Drive
« on: October 01, 2014, 11:37:41 PM »
As part of the 30 days trial of the software, I am trying to setup SafeZone with 5 banking sites and 2 BO web application that we work with regularly.
We use a password db software that holds all of the password encrypted in a proprietary encrypted container, so in order to view the user/password database, we log into the software with one master password.
Now, I'm getting to the problem... we use Google Drive to hold the single password database file, hence, when we are working from different computers or even out of the house, we can retrieve the password database file from any location.
After opening SafeZone and configuring the website we will regularly use, I noticed that when we surf through the SafeZone, we can't interact with other software on the computer, realizing it’s a good security method, I configured the password db client using the "Bookmark New Application" option to appear in the bottom section of the SafeZone interface.
And, when I open the software and try to browse, using the windows file explorer, to the Google Drive folder on my desktop, it seems to be empty and I can't open the password database file.
I tried to Bookmark the file using the option I mentioned above, and it doesn't help.
Any suggestions?
If I can't open the password db file, then I can't retrieve my passwords through the SafeZone browser, hence, it’s unusable for our needs.