Author Topic: Avast Anti-theft sends out multiple sms after every reboot. Wasted my INR 100  (Read 3951 times)

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I updated my phone to MIUI 7.2 today (13th April, 2016) and just after the reboot, I got 10 continuous notifications that I've been charged Rs. 5 for each sms. All were system messages as there was nothing in the 'messages' app. When I called up vodafone, they said 10 messages have been sent to 2 international numbers from my phone within 3 minutes, to the emergency contacts in my avast anti theft account. When I rebooted the phone sometime later because it got hanged, I again got several messages. Atleast Rs. 100 got wasted. The site clearly says the app would get active when the sim card is changed. But no, it sends out messages every time I reboot, while I did not as much take out the batteries. I want a refund.
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Hi, this issue is related to Avast Anti-Theft. It sends us an SMS when you change the SIM card - it is meant as protection (someone steals your mobile, reboots it and their new SIM card sends out an SMS so that you can track it). This function is off by default, so you probably enabled it in the past.

To uninstall Avast Anti-Theft please disable it in Device Administrators:

- Open "Settings" of your device
- Go to "Security"
- Select "Device administrators"
- Uncheck Avast Anti-Theft (Update manager)

To remove Avast Anti-Theft now follow these steps:

- Open "Settings" of your device
- Go to "Applications"
- Select "Avast Anti-Theft"
- Tap on uninstall button

If you will not find Avast Anti-Theft in the list of applications then please send me the list of applications shown in "Device administrators" option. Thanks!

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I am also facing same issue. I have removed Avast from device but still sms are sent.

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If you have removed avast it can't send a SMS.
It can only do so if it is installed.