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Re: Avast Tools Beta News [Windows]
« Reply #45 on: December 21, 2017, 01:18:24 PM »
Avast Cleanup Premium Beta-Test [17.3.3792]

• We now give you more details about what’s slowing you down (check under Sleep Mode > Background and startup programs)
• Junk Programs tells you more about those unwanted apps
• Several bug fixes and improvements so things now run more smoothly

• If you already have a Beta version installed you should get an update automatically (update checks for a new version every 12 hours), if you don't have it yet proceed with the next step to install it
• Download the Avast Cleanup Premium Beta version
• Execute the installation package and go through the wizard to install the product
• The product shall guide you or you can freely navigate through it and try it on your own to see how it works
• Please try as much features as you can to see how they work and check whether there are any bugs or unexpected behavior
• If you find any bugs during testing, please create a new thread in the related Beta forum section
• Please provide us also with feedback about what you like most and what you would change
• Since we aim to deliver the best Cleanup product - would you add anything to Cleanup that is missing? Do not hesitate to share your feedback!

Known issues:
• There is still missing a warning dialog when you selects Downloads folder in System Junk feature. This will be added to the release version.


Fragen & Feedback:
Allgemeine Informationen:

Hinweis: Thank you & enjoy the beta testing!
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