Author Topic: How to whitelist a "threat that was secured" as it pops up?  (Read 405 times)

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How to whitelist a "threat that was secured" as it pops up?
« on: January 07, 2018, 05:59:36 AM »
Especially for green-level severity, why would there not be a "add to whitelist" or "undo" button IN the popup like every other antivirus does? I have to instead manually find where it was locked up to release it? Come on, mates, make it intuitive.

But sure, there's a button for "scan my entire PC". Are people more likely to want to whitelist a green severity level item or scan your entire PC? Why not have both?

I'm looking inside the product and cannot find where to whitelist it! It's not in the virus vault -- I can't find any other place to whitelist to install a software that just so happens to be a competitor product to your driver updater module (coincidence? O_o), DriverTalent.

EDIT: So apparently, when something is blocked (competitor products, spyware, whatever it may be), it's not recorded ANYWHERE -- it just deletes the item and leaves you wondering how the heck to reverse this. You have to go to settings >> general >> exclusions >> and you have to MANUALLY find a way to add it without it deleting it. There is no "previously blocked" or "block history" or "blacklisted" like every other virus product out there -- just extremely unintuitive. But oh, Avast is creates intuitive 1-clicks to buy their other software -___- how about prioritizing the customer for your next update? Just add a simple "whitelist" button, found in every competitor when something is blocked.....)
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